Jun 062015

Artist: Happy Camper / Album: The Daily Drumbeat / Style: Folk Pop / Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 89 Mb / Duration: 00:39:15

01 – The Daily Drumbeat (feat. Bouke Zoete) 02 – The End of Now (feat. Leine) 03 – Juno (feat. Lisa Meijntjes, Marien Dorleijn) 04 – Into the Woods 05 – Halfway up the Hill (feat. Appel, Eefje de Visser) 06 – All We Ever Wanted (feat. Maurits Westerik) 07 – Away We Go (feat. Fit) 08 – On a Clear and Moonlit Sky (feat. Ricky Koole, Tim Knol) 09 – Mute (feat. Odilo Girod) 10 – I’ve Had Enough (feat. Bouke Zoete) 11 – Care Free Corp (feat. Janne Schra) 12 – Into the Desert (feat. David Pino, Lisa Meijntjes) 13 – Old (feat. Helge Slikker) 14 – The Rope (feat. Leine)

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